Kalamay Ube Recipe

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1 kilo purple yam(ube)
3 cups glutinous rice flour
4 cans(400ml each) coconut milk
2 cans coconut milk for curd(latik)
3 cups brown sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla or pandan extract

Part 1
1. On a cooking pot, boil water then prepare yam that is purple 30 minutes or until soft. Drain and let cool.
2. Peel the purple yam and grate. Put aside.

Component 2
1. In a pan, pour coconut milk then prepare in a low temperature. Keep stirring until curdles. Put aside.

Part 3
1. In a big pan, combine the grated purple yam, sweet rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and vanilla then cook in a heat that is low. Keep stirring until well thickened and combined.
2. In a pan that is shallow woven basket, lined a wilted banana leaves then grease using the coconut oil.
3. Transfer the mixture and spread evenly then sprinkle with coconut curd. Slice and serve hot.
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Put toasted coconut solids into a normal size bowl. With coconut oil from the bottom of the pan rub onto banana leaves.

In a nonstick cool pan or wide pot, pour in coconut milk, vanilla and sugar. Whisk in rice powder. Include purple yam. Turn temperature on medium and stir constantly. Whenever beginning to thicken turn heat suprisingly low. Cook for additional ten minutes to make sure rice flour is prepared down.

Scoop rice flour into greased banana leaves. Sprinkle with toasted coconut solids. Can serve chilled or warm.

They state when we become old we started initially to become more nostalgic. May it be a duplicated recipe from grandma or mom accustomed make a (minatamis) dessert, it can spark a memory or just sense of nostalgia. Growing up, I keep in mind when the time before Christmas time my mother used to produce a Kalamay na Ube through the night. Being a kid kalamay had been a favorite treats. This is this type of really recipe that is simple from the my mom making when I was small that want lots of work and persistence. Anyhow, I'm delighted that my children they want it especially the latik.
2lbs purple yam (ube)
3 cups glutinous rice flour
4 cans coconut milk or cream(400ml each can)
2½ or 3 cups brown/ white sugar
4 tbsp margarine
1 tbsp pandan essence
1 tsp sodium
Toasted coconut that is grated latik ? latik planning
coconut oil to greased the molds